We don't get everything right all of the time ... this email is from someone who, along with his wife, usually travels over to Bladnoch from the NE of England ..... fortunately he was understanding about the inconvenience (otherwise I wouldn't have printed his email).

Dear Raymond,

I would like to tell you of UPS delivery service with your whisky.

My wonderful brother Paul received an e-mail from UPS saying they were delivering on Wednesday, 7th March and he informed me of the delivery date.

So on the Wednesday I sat at home reading my whisky bible and dreaming of the tasting joys to come, so imagine my consternation when it failed to arrive. So I 'phoned my IT literate brother Paul requesting any information. With great alacrity he checked out the tracking system of UPS only to discover that the whisky was having a great time travelling around the country. So after leaving your distillery it went to Carlisle where it missed its connection so it decided to go to Preston, after visiting Preston and looking around the shops it decided to go to Tamworth but finding out that West Brom and Birmingham had an away game it decided to travel home to Gateshead. Then on the 8th March it decided to come home to daddy where it was gratefully received by yours truly where I discovered the tale of its travel while sipping my first nip from the bottle.

All was well with the world (God Bless Raymond and his Bladnoch Distillery).

From your obedient servant,