John and Hugh spent a few hours this morning bottling a cask of 10 yo for an order. This afternoon they took down a couple of stows of 3 yo non-Bladnoch hoggies going up to Glasgow for blending. The lorry didn't arrive until about 15.30 pm. It brought in 90 hoggies of new-make and it took away 30 nice little shery hoggies of Clynelish and 30 Aberlour and 30 of something else. Un-loading and loading the lorry, combined with the late arrival meant that it was a bit after 17.00 before work was completed. The late arrival also meant that we didn't have time to build the newly arrived casks in their stows, a job that will have to be undertaken before tomorrow mornings load arrives. Needless to say it will arrive early. In the period of about one hour forty five minutes today the lorry driver would have man handled 180 hoggies. He was moaning that the lorry when fully laden wasn't very responsive and he was hoping to get back up the road before the time on his tachograph ran out and he would then have to spend the night in the cab.

The computerised electronic notification system now in use by HMRC means that all cask movements have to have customs approval before the movement can take place but sometimes these systems go down which could leave you with an unapproved load. Lately we seem to be spending too much time moving casks around but there is no easy solution. The whole place needs tidying and the gardens have certainly been neglected and Hugh has been trying in vain to catch some moles that are causing havoc. Thank goodness we don't have moles in Ireland