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When you buy a miniature bottle of Bladnoch whisky, it’s not just any old whisky – you're investing in a wee bit of Galloway.

With a history dating back to 1817 the whisky is as unique as the water drawn from the River Bladnoch and use to produce it.

Bladnoch Whisky Miniatures

If you're lucky enough to have spent some time in this little known part of Scotland and to have visited the distillery you'll recognise the team effort involved and that the personalities mentioned above, represent almost our entire workforce.

It is in the nature of Bladnoch that they work with single casks and small numbers. A limited edition label is more likely to be 250 than the 250,000 common to larger distilleries, so there's an element of rarity. The miniatures when bottled are left unlabelled until required, so for example, in 2003, when a visitor asked – “Could you make a miniature label with a butterfly on it for me?” – it wasn't a problem – and thus the most recent series of collectable Bladnoch Miniatures began and continues to expand.

The range has extended to include an annual Wigtown Booktown bottle, Bladnoch Rugby Quaich, Lowlanders Scooter Rally, Christmas Bottles and an infinite number of special orders for events and businesses worldwide. There are bottles that have celebrated engagements, weddings, birthdays and retirements. Supplied mini-bottles for military dinners and agricultural gatherings, Burns Suppers and tourism events, even for corporate advertising and hotels.

The Homecoming Scotland 2009 has offered the opportunity to celebrate the life of Robert Burns with a series of 12 monthly miniatures based on the Bard’s poetry.


A small selection of Bladnoch Miniatures - (sadly unavailable)

Obama Miniature
Whisky Miniature Wigtown Book Town
Whisky Miniature Scooter Club
Whisky Miniature - Silver Fox Clay Traps
Whisky Miniature - The Wickerman

Obama Commemorative miniature Bladnoch 5cl 55%
Beltie - Booktown 2007 - Christmas 2005 - Distillery - Lochinvar Hotel
Royale Caravan Rally - Rugby Quaich 2008 - Wicker Man - Isle Hamefairin
The Peat Inn - Booktown 2008 - Silver Fox - Scooter Rally 2008

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